Baguette on snails

On July, 19th 2008, I gave a talk at Lugradio Live UK 2008, in Wolverhampton. This was about a fake web framework, I called Baguette on Snails. If the principle of building a programming language in "frenglish" was obviously a very bad joke, the background is very true.

Every programming language uses english keywords, and if you want to learn programming, you have to learn English, in order to read and understand manuals, tutorials, articles, help files, etc.

This is an issue. More than 2/3rd of the world population doesn't natively speak english, and probably never will.

Anyway... You may want to:

The Snail thing

For those who want to reproduce the tiny snail cursor as a progress bar, it looks like this:


It's two normal underscore, an arobase (@), and a special latin character: ƴ

In the Unicode table, its little name is: U+01B4, LATIN SMALL LETTER Y WITH HOOK.