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Mar 24 avril 2007

[via Jono Bacon]

Right now I want to announce the confirmed speakers for LUGRadio Live 2007! Aq and I have been beavering away at getting these sorted, so we are pleased to announce the line-up which are spread across three stages:

S'en suit une liste impressionnante de noms des intervenants pour le LugRadio Live 2007. Je te fais une sélection ?

  • Chris diBona (Google)
  • Nat Friedman (Novell and the Linux Desktop)
  • Aaron Seigo (KDE4)
  • Ted Haeger (TBC)
  • Simon Willison (OpenID)
  • Scott James Remnant (Ten Really Cool Things)
  • Matthew Garrett (Linux Laptops)
  • Rob McQueen (Telepathy)
  • Christian Schaller (Fluendo)
  • John Leach (ELER: Kill Your Tribal Elders)
  • Szilveszter Farkas and Jelmer Vernooij (bzr-gtk - Revision Control Made Easy)
  • Laszlo Pandy (Inside Jokosher)
  • Bruno Bord (The Great LUGRadio Quiz)
  • Gervase Markham (How To Win Every Argument)
  • Michael Sheldon (SabreGL - Easy 3D Game Creation)
  • Dave Neary (OpenWengo Communication and Community)

Oh... Doit y'avoir une erreur non ?